Invetrics is algorithmic trading software utilizing advanced financial technology to find and trade winning stocks and ETFs. Its advanced cloud-based algorithms provide powerful insights for investors, helping them enhance their returns from the stock market. It helps financial professionals and individual investors to:

  • Identify current trends of market indices (DJIA, NASDAQ 100, S&P 500, and Russell 2000)
  • Follow our system’s selections and trades of winning stocks and ETFs


Use Invetrics to:

  • Understand if the US stock market is currently trending higher or lower
  • Refine your understanding of such trends to match your own investing style (i.e., based on daily, 3-day, weekly, or monthly charts)
  • Get insights for trading select stocks and ETFs by accessing our system’s portfolio
  • Discuss with your financial advisor how to best use this information to enhance your own investment returns

The web portal is intended for individual investors, and only provides a tiny glimpse of what is possible. Financial firms interested in utilizing our system’s stock market trading capabilities through APIs may contact us to discuss this further.


Invetrics™ is an automated algorithmic trading system for stocks and ETFs based on financial technology that has been delivering superior returns for financial firms and individual investors since 2009.